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10 Free (or low cost) Things to Do in Oregon

I love Oregon, don’t you?  Yeah, the rain gets old, but it makes for some really great landscapes.  One of my favorite things about Oregon is how many things there are to do here, many of which are free or very low cost.  My family and I are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking and time …

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Must Have Toys for All Stranger Things Fans

Where are all of my Stranger Things fans at? My daughter and I love Stranger Things and love to hang out on the sofa and binge watch the show together. It’s our favorite mother daughter bonding thing to do! I was so freaking excited to read recently that Stranger Things Season Three is coming out …

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Olalla Reservoir, Where We Kayak as a Family

A couple of years ago, on a whim, we bought 2 of these Intex Explorer K2 Kayaks. We had recently been camping at Loon Lake and had rented a little boat to float on the water in and oh my goodness, was it fun! We decided that while we had a blast, we weren’t quite …

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How to Pick the Perfect Produce

Did you know that June is fresh fruit and veggie month?  I have seen countless photos on my social media timeless of my friends out picking fresh berries and fruits.  Sometimes picking fruit is pretty obvious. I mean, no one wants a smushed (according to spell check, smushed is not a word.  I’m still going …

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Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Have you ever heard of Thor’s Well? Well, my friends, you are just about to be introduced to one of Oregon’s most unique tourist attractions. THOR’S WELL On on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, near the beautiful town of Yachats, Oregon, you will find Thor’s Well. A wondrous sinkhole that is busy swallowing up …

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20 Colorful Sunny Day Recipes

The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining and it’s time to start seeing everything a little bit brighter!  I don’t know about you, but once spring and summer hit, I just love to start making brightly colored food to go along with the weather and my mood.  I decided to put together a …

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20 Boozy, Fruity Drinks to Cool You Off This Summer

I don’t drink often, but when I do I like for my drinks to taste amazing and be fun! I’m celiac so beer is off limits, as is many wines (oftentimes the cork is sealed with a gluten paste or the wines are stored in barrels that are sealed with that same paste). I prefer …

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