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A Mom’s Take on Fortnite

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Do you ever play video games with your kids?  I have a 10-year-old son that loves to play video games and while I don’t mind that he plays them, I am not a big fan myself.  I just don’t enjoy sitting down and playing a game and my preference was that my son play them in his room or when I was busy with other things and didn’t need to be in the living room.  But I’ve got to be honest with you, I have changed my stance a little bit when it comes to Fornite.  Epic’s wildly popular Battle Royale game.

Until very recently, my son was all about playing Minecraft and Roblox.  Yes, he has plenty of other games, but those were the ones he loved.  I have been relatively strict on the games he plays. Here were my rules for his games:

  • No sexual content whatsoever
  • No bloody violence or gore
  • Shooting games may be allowed depending on the game (I let him play hunting games, for instead and he could play a Navy Seals game, but only with my husband present)

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where you hop online with 100 other people on a server and battle your way toward number 1.  You sneak through landscapes and into houses, barns and businesses hoping to find “loot” (guns, ammo, med kits, shield juice, wood for building and more).

I am totally and 100% ok with him playing Fornite even though the game does involve shooting people.  The game itself is very animated, there is no blood and the people you shoot disappear instantly, so it’s not as though you see dead bodies.

My husband and my teenaged daughter have gotten in on the fun too and they all take turns playing it.  I will fess up and acknowledge that I have played it a couple of times too.  It’s a lot of fun and the excitement of getting into the top 10 (I’ve done so twice if I may add) or winning the game is incredibly exciting.  My son won his first battle the other day and I could’ve sworn I saw tears of joy.  It’s a huge feat, especially since so many people are playing it right now (last estimate was 45 million players have signed up for it).

I have found this to be a fun, family-friendly game that I am more than happy to have my kids play.  We have had several nights of Fornite battles and it is so much fun!  We look forward to it.

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