All About The Foothills Mama Family

Welcome To Our Family Blog!!

We are a small town family of four FIVE ( number 3 has joined us!) living on a budget, just like everyone else.  I love browsing coupon and deal sites and saving whenever and wherever I can!   I have been able to get tremendously low prices on my family’s groceries, clothes, toys and even our home!!

My husband complains a little that I like to hover around the clearance racks too long.  I am not afraid to buy yogurt that is a couple of days from expiring or meat that needs to be frozen right away.   Hey…I’ll take freezing today over paying 40% or more higher prices! 🙂

Oh…and did I mention that I am married to a rock star Health Coach & Certified Personal trainer?  We try to incorporate fitness into everyday and save while doing so!!

Thanks for joining my family on our money saving, fun having, life living journey!

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