Anyone Want to Guess How My Morning Started?

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Well I think I have mentioned that I live in a small town and yes I do mean small.  I believe at last check our population was somewhere near 1,000.  So with the small town life comes many oddities.  One of which is a flock of wild turkeys that we see every single morning on the way to take the kids to school.

Today, sadly we met one of these turkeys on the wrong corner.  He jumped in front of my car and I simply could not stop in time.  It made me so sad to have started my morning that way and now my children get to tell the story of how “Mom killed a turkey this morning.”

I guess I shall take from this that I appreciate that my car wasn’t damaged and this is just a part of small town life.  I have lived here forever, so you would think I would remember that, but still this was my first turkey accident…

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