Pros and Cons of Homeschooling




We are currently in a family discussion to whether or not the foothills kids should be home schooled. We have been researching and discussing reasons why we should or should not home school, but since we are a family that works together, mom and dad have asked us to come up with reason why we should and should not be home schooled.

Here are some pros that the foothills kids have thought of:

  • Grow Closer Together With Your Family

You can grow so much closer together just by homeschooling your kids. Reasons why would be because you could spend up to 24 hours a day with your children. You could also be able to talk to your kids more and you could build a stronger bond as a family.

  • Flexible Schedule

You do want to have an idea of what your home school days are going to look like, but if your schedule needs to change at all, you could change it! Pretty neat huh?

  • Emotional Stability

Some kids get crazy stressed. Like just the thought of school makes them worry. So if they know their schedule and know they don’t have to be faced with the fears of crowded hallways, there is less of a chance they will get stressed.

  • Less Worry About Sickness

You don’t have to worry about driving to the school in the middle of the school day picking up a sick kid. It sucks when kids are sick, but it’s better if they’re with you to start with. Plus, your kids get sick most of the time from going to school so if they’re home schooled, chances are they won’t get sick nearly as often.

  • Go on Vacations

If you find a vacation for cheap sometime random like the middle of April, you can go! Just bring your home school stuff and make the vacation educational. Like if you find a good deal to go to the beach, you can go to the aquarium and that trip would be educational.

  • Have More Control Over What and How Your Kids Learn

Some teachers have their own ways of teaching, which is fine, but that specific way of teaching might not be very effective for your child. There are ways you could find out how your children learn best, and you could learn how to teach them in such ways so they could learn more successfully! Also, at public schools, they don’t often have a ton of class options, so if you want your kids to learn something that the schools don’t offer, you can teach your kids that stuff on your own!

Those are just a few of the pros, but I’m gonna move to the cons of homeschooling your children that the foothills kids thought of.

  • Be Around Your Children All Day Long

This could be a potential con for some people. Being with your kids for long periods of time might be hard for some people because their kids could start misbehaving. I don’t think anybody loves when their kids are being brats.

  • Kids Might Struggle With Learning

Your kids could possibly struggle with learning and it could be hard at times to stay patient and restrain anger. It is okay to be mad, but if your kids see that you are frustrated, they might also get frustrated and not want to try.

  • Expensive

Buying all the materials could be very expensive. There are a lot of materials that you have to buy if you choose to home school your kids, and not all of the materials are cheap to buy.

  • Explain Why You Chose to Home School Your Children

There will probably be times when relatives, or really anybody, ask you why you choose to home school your kids. Keep in mind not everybody will support your decision to home school your kids. They ask you a lot of questions like,” Why would you want to home school your kids?” You have to answer those types of questions pretty frequently.

As you can tell, home schooling your children is definitely  a commitment, but there are lots of pros to make up for all the work it takes to successfully home school your kids.

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