Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

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Have you ever considered homeschooling your family?  We are currently in a family discussion to whether or not the foothills kids should be home-schooled. For clarification, we have 3 kids, two in school (grades 6 and 9) and our daughter has some pretty extreme anxiety issues that have us considering homeschooling. This was not my first choice, as I felt it was necessary to try and get her comfortable with people, but now I’m just not so sure.  Why should she have to deal with such issues?

We have been researching and discussing reasons why we should or should not home school, but since we are a family that works together, we decided to ask the kids why they thought they should or shouldn’t be homeschooled.

Here are some pros that the kids came up with:

Grow Closer Together With Your Family

You can grow so much closer together just by homeschooling your kids. This is because you are spending up to 24 hours per day together, instead of just the time outside of school.

Flexible Schedule

Yes, you still need a schedule of some sort for productive days, however, when your kids are homeschooled, it’s not nearly as big of an issue to change your schedule, or plan a trip, or take them to appointments.

Emotional Stability

Remember that anxiety-filled child I was telling you about?  Homeschooling her would relieve her of the stresses that she deals with each and every day.  I like the idea of her feeling more comfortable and confident.


Less Worry About Sickness

If your kids are home-schooled, you don’t have to worry about driving to the school in the middle of the school day picking up a sick kid. It sucks when kids are sick, but it’s better if they’re with you to start with. Plus, being around countless other kids carrying germs day in and day out is a great way to get sick to start with.


You Have More Control Over What and How Your Kids Learn

Some teachers have their own ways of teaching, which is fine, but that specific way of teaching might not be very effective for your child. With homeschooling, it is individualized so you can teach your child as they need to learn.  Also, at public schools, they don’t often have a ton of class options, so if you want your kids to learn something that the schools don’t offer, you can teach your kids that stuff on your own!


Those are just a few of the pros, but I’m gonna move to the cons of homeschooling your children that the kids thought of:

Be Around Your Children All Day Long

I mean, this is a pro and a con all in one, right?  For some people, being around their kids all day long can get old, and sometimes they need a break. This is especially true when the kids are cooped up in the house for too long. There is no shame here, I get it.  


Kids Might Struggle With Learning

Unless you are a trained teacher, you probably don’t have loads of experience dealing with struggling students.  Parents may sometimes have a hard time with this and think it’s best for your child to be taught by a professional and that’s ok.


Homeschooling can get quite expensive.  From all of the materials you need to buy to outings you take for field trips, etc., you may be surprised to learn that homeschooling often costs families hundreds of dollars per month.

Explain Why You Chose to Home School Your Children

This is an ugly one, but it is true.  There will likely be times when relatives, or really anybody, asks you why you choose to home school your kids. Keep in mind not everybody will support your decision to home school your kids.


As you can tell, homeschooling your children is definitely a commitment, but it looks to me like there are a lot of pros to make up for all the work it takes to successfully home school your kids.  What do you think?

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