Daily Burn, Day 2 Review

Did you check out my day 1 review of Daily Burn?  I’m making it a goal to blog about this every single day and make this fitness program work.  I’m only on day 2, but so far it is working.  I am able to work out with my toddler in the same room and I have felt great 2 days in a row now.

If you are wondering what the workouts are like.  Here’s my review of my second day of workouts:

Daily Burn Day Two:

So, I didn’t spend enough time looking around at all of the fitness programs they have available.  I just clicked on the “other workouts you may like” section.  Since I am only 2 days in and obviously still out of shape I am going for the shorter workouts to start with.  I chose DB15 MMA without realizing that it had a workout level of Hard.  Boy was it!  I actually sat out for about 2 of the 15 minutes because I was hurting (my feet aren’t used to so much work!).   That all being said, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again when I am in better shape.

Because I forgot to do it yesterday, I will be taking measurements and weight today to see if and when I start seeing some progress.  I will keep you all posted.

Daily Burn, Day 1 Review

Okay, Y’all.  It’s time to get real!  I am also 2 years postpartum and I need to lose this baby weight.  I have been carrying it around with me for far too long, plus hubby said he is going to take me on a cruise this Fall!! It’s time to get swimsuit ready!

Do you see that girl in the photo above? That’s me.  Okay, it’s not me at all, it’s just a stock photo, but her expression while looking at the scale is the same expression I get when looking at my scale.  Anyway…I’m ready to start getting a smile on my face when stepping on the scale again!

Here’s the thing though.  I have a toddler at home which makes working out hard.  Plus, I live in the good old Pacific Northwest which means lots of rain.  I can’t just stick him in the stroller and go for a walk.  Additionally, I live in a rural community which means the closest gym is 20 minutes away, which is fine, but it doesn’t have a daycare.   So,   decided to sign up for a free Daily Burn Membership (I took advantage of this free 60 day membership via Groupon) to see if working out at home would be an option for me.  I have decided to share with you, my readers, my experience with Daily Burn as it happens so that if it is working for me, maybe it can work for you!

Let’s get started:

Daily Burn Day One:

I’m out of shape, I admit it.  No shame here (okay, there’s a little shame, but I am trying to own it).  For the first little while, I am choosing just Easy Workouts so that I don’t get discouraged.  For day one, I chose DB15 Let’s MOVE.  It was a shorter workout (15 minutes) and honestly, it was fun!  I got sweaty, my muscles hurt in a couple parts, but it was a fun little dancing workout that I wouldn’t mind doing again!  Lot’s of fun musical themed workouts (she even added a Kid n Play workout in the mix).

I’m only one day in, but I love it.

Please follow along (or join in) on my Daily Burn journey!  I would love the company.


Frugal Fitness: Hiking, Nature’s Best Workout! My 3 Favorite Oregon Trails

favorite oregon hikes

I have been on a mission to be healthy.  My mission started just about a year ago and since then I have lost about 30 pounds and I feel great!  I am now more focused on a healthy life rather than the numbers on the scale.  I also want to share this healthy lifestyle with my children so that it is ingrained into them to love living healthy, rather than dreading exercise.  I have no desire to leave my children at a daycare or sitter while I hit the gym, I want them to be a part of it.

One way we have found to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into our family is by hiking.  We take family hikes often (we try for 2 weekends per month).  This is a mostly free and awesome way to get a great workout, experience new places and have fun with the entire family!  We love to pack a healthy lunch (nuts, apples and PB, sandwiches for the kids) and head out for the day.

We live in Oregon and have what I was surprised to find to be an endless supply of hiking trails near us.  We are making an attempt to try them all.  Here are my favorite three so far:

Drift Creek Falls

drift creek2

I absolutely loved this Drift Creek Falls hike.  There were some moderately difficult parts of this trail, but it was still easy enough for our children to go on the full hike with us.  They are 6 and 10.  This hike was about 3 miles and took us about 2.5 hours in and back (that was counting the time we took to stop and have lunch) and was absolutely worth the views!  These falls were amazing and I just fell in love with the suspension bridge that you have to cross.

Silver Creek Falls

silver creek falls

Silver Falls State Park offers 25+ miles of hiking and if you are a waterfall enthusiast, you will not be disappointed.  There are 10 falls along the complete trail.  There are many routes you can take to make this hike as long or as short as you want.   We went to Silver Falls twice last summer doing separate trails each time and we will definitely be going back this year!

There is even a great swimming hole for the kiddos (or adults) to cool off in at the end of the hike!

silver falls swimming hole

(our kids cooling off after a long hike at Silver Creek Falls)

Peavy Arboretum


(Our kiddos posing at just one of the neat sights at Peavy Arboretum)

No grand waterfalls here, just lots and lots of trails featuring beautiful plants, trees and more!  We just finished our third hike at Peavy Arboretum this last weekend and we still have so many new trails to hit!  It is gorgeous and perfect for all levels of hikers.  Some of the trails are finished and maintained forest roads, while others are more obscure and difficult.

To make things even better this trail happens to be less than a 30 minute drive from my house, which I love!


This year’s hiking trips have just recently started for us, but at the end of last summer my legs were in great shape and I was in pretty good shape.  I know that hiking had a lot to do with that.   The calories burned during hiking is higher than your typical workout too.  A 150 pound person who hikes with a backpack for 90 minutes will burn over 750 calories!

Another awesome benefit to hiking is the low cost!  Besides the cost of gas and snacks we had to pay only $5 to park at two of the trails (Silver Creek Falls and Drift Creek Falls)!  Compare that to the cost of a gym membership and besides the lower cost, you will likely get a better workout and a much better experience!

He Says, She Says: The Best Cardio Workout Playlists

As I have mentioned before, we, as a family, have been working hard to become healthier.  Together as a couple, we have lost over 100 pounds in the last couple of years.  Diet, exercise and overall lifestyle changes have helped with our success.  (I have had a baby this last year though…so I have some work to do again)

We workout a lot, both cardio and weights and we both LOVE listening to music during our workout.  It should also be noted that we do not have  gym membership, we use at home equipment and we love to hit the road walking and running and hit the trails hiking.

These are our favorite cardio playlists:

She Says:

He Says:

You can either buy these songs separately or, you can sign up for Amazon Unlimited and have virtually endless music options to listen to!


Do you have any favorites that you would add to these lists?



My 30 Day Burpee Challenge – Want to Join?

Burpee Challenge

So, almost a year after having a baby, I am finally ready to get my butt back in shape!  My dreamy husband being the rockstar personal trainer and health coach that he is, is helping me and I am already making progress (7 pounds down!!).

I’ve decided to add in some dreaded burpees to my regular workout, but since I haven’t done them in forever I am taking it in slowly.  Does anyone want to join me in my 30 Day Burpee Challenge?  Check out the graphic above to easily follow along.

Let me know how it’s going!!

Outdoor Weekend In Oregon: Free Fishing, Camping and More!

free fishing weekend

Are you looking for budget friendly activities this weekend?  You are in luck because there are tons of great, outdoor related stuff that you can do completely free this weekend!  Check out this list:

STATE PARKS DAY ~ Saturday, June 7 is State Parks Day!  Here is what you can do for free!

  • Camping is free tent and RV sites at State Parks in Oregon.
  • Parking is free at Oregon’s 26 day-use parks that generally require a fee. (many parks will also be having events such as guided hikes and barbecues)
  • Many of Oregon’s State Parks will be holding special events as well, Silver Falls State Park will be hosting the Silver Falls Challenge Foot Race at 9 a.m. and afterward will hold a free BBQ while Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park will be celebrating the opening of a new dock and will be introducing canoes and kayaks,  L.L. “Stub” Stewart State Park special guests will be leading hikes, horseback rides and more. For a complete list of park events happening Saturday, go to this Event Calendar.

“State Parks Day is our chance to say ‘thank you’ to our visitors,” Oregon Parks and Recreation Department director Lisa Van Laanen said in a press release. “Free camping and day use on the first Saturday in June has become a big tradition for visitors — and for our staff.”

NATIONAL TRAILS DAY. This is a great chance to hike Oregon’s many, beautiful trails without paying the $5 parking fee generally charged at many of the trail locations.

*Please note that this fee waiver applies to day-use sites in Oregon and Washington, camping at these sites (when permitted) still requires payment.

FREE FISHING WEEKEND. If you have been wanting to hit the water to fish, now is your chance!  No fishing licenses or tags are required to fish on Saturday June 7 or Sunday, June 8 for the Free Fishing Weekend.


Diet Friendly Dish: Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

So my kids were begging for pancakes for dinner last, which is great for them. Not so much for us as we try to cut back on our unhealthy carbs at night time. We wanted to join the kiddos on pancake night so we decided to take a healthy approach.


We thought about it and decided to create our own oat flour by grinding up the old fashioned oats that we always have on hand (we buy in bulk) and create homemade pancakes with that.

First we took two cups of oats and placed it into our blender, mixing it up to a fine powder.  We then made our own pancake mix:

Mix all ingredients together and pour desired amount onto griddle on medium heat.  Cook for 4-5 minutes on one side and then flip.  Cook until center is cooked through.

*We added the protein for 2 reasons: 1) We are working out often and want to maintain healthy protein levels in all of our food. 2) The vanilla protein was for added flavor because we were not using syrup, only peanut butter as our topping.



Diet Friendly Dish: Indoor Grilled Veggies`


I have mentioned before that we are working hard to keep our diet healthy.  We add vegetables to every meal (yep..even breakfast), but that can get old when they are always cooked the same way.  Today we decided to grill our veggies using our trusty George Foreman Grill and they turned out delicious!

Here are the veggies I used for dinner tonight:

  • Sweet Yellow Onion
  • Mini Bell Peppers (Orange, Yellow and Red) sliced in half lengthwise


While preheating the grill, brush the veggies with olive oil and sprinkle plain ol’ ground black pepper on them.

Place veggies onto grill once it is preheated and grill for 6-9 minutes.  That’s it, you now have delicious grilled veggies that are tender, healthy and an awesome side dish.


Groupon: $50 Worth of Cellucor Products, Just $25!

cellucor groupon

Do you take any supplements when you work out?  Before I lift I always take a pre-workout, just to give me that extra little push.  I personally love Cellucor’s C4 preworkout, it tastes delicious and works great!

Right now at Groupon, you can get $50 worth of Cellucor products for just $25!  This is a great deal on any kind of workout supplements.

*Find this deal by Choosing the Groupon Goods tab, then choose Health and Beauty

$24.99 for $50 Worth of Cellucor Fitness Supplements

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  • Helps boost results from training
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  • Pre-workout, post-workout, and amino acid supplements
  • May help achieve faster results
  • Shop also sells workout apparel