FREE Funny Breakfast Themed Printable Valentines!

Well, my friends the holidays are behind us and now it’s time to focus on living our best lives in 2019, am I right?  Seriously though, I am not much of a resolution kind of gal, but I do have big goals and I turn 40 this year *gasp* it’s time to get my sh!t together.  I have big plans for my business, my family and my home.  How about you?  Do you have any big plans this year?  What are your plans?

Guess what though?  Even though the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year holidays are behind us, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it is time to start getting prepared for that, especially if you have kids in school that pass out Valentine’s Day goodies.

Whether you are on a budget or you simply don’t want your kiddo to pass out the same cards as everyone else (because let’s face it, everyone buys their valentines the same aisle of a select few big box store, am I right?).  I have a super cute, free set of printable, breakfast-themed Valentine’s for you to use. Let’s let the kids be a little different this year!  Let’s put some smiles on the faces of those who receive these Valentines because these are so unique!



Fun Peeps Easter Treats Recipes

Ahhhh. Peeps. The classic Easter treat that you either love or you hate.  I’m a big fan of honesty so I will just come out and say it.  I HATE Peeps.  Like EWWWWWW. Hate them.  That said, I always add them to my kids’ Easter Baskets because they are so cute and they are such a classic part of Easter, it just feels wrong to leave them out.j

We always have a family get together on Easter and I started thinking that I would love to create an Easter themed recipe to bring to the party.  I did a little bit of cruising around online and found some seriously adorable recipes that use, you guessed it, Peeps.

Check out this fun list of Peeps Treats that I rounded up for you:

Pistachio Salad Easter Peeps Dessert Cups – Mom Endeavors

Peeps Push-Up Pops – Joy in the Works

Totally Delicious Peeps Cheesecake Easter Dessert – Lemon Lime Adventures

3-Ingredient Peeps Fudge Recipe – The Thrifty Couple

Peeps Cake with Marshmallow Frosting – Bitz ‘n Giggles

Peeps Easter Ideas -Organized Island

Hoppin’ Good Easter Trail Mix – Totally the Bomb

Birthday Cake Peeps S’mores – Moments with Mandi

Peeps Pizza – Baking Beauty

Homemade Marshmallow Peeps Paleo – Forest and Fauna – You can even enjoy your own homemade treats if you are on a Paleo diet!

Valentine’s Heart Cupcakes

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s treat that you make for your family and friends?  These Valentine’s Hearts Cupcakes are one of our favorites to make and they are always a hit.

I like to present them to family and friends, but they would also be a great classroom treat if your child’s school allows homemade treats.


Valentine's Heart Cupcakes
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Suprise your loved ones with these fun and pretty Valentine's Hearts Cupcakes.
Servings Prep Time
24 Cupcakes 30 Minutes
Cook Time
15-20 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
24 Cupcakes 30 Minutes
Cook Time
15-20 Minutes
Valentine's Heart Cupcakes
Print Recipe
Suprise your loved ones with these fun and pretty Valentine's Hearts Cupcakes.
Servings Prep Time
24 Cupcakes 30 Minutes
Cook Time
15-20 Minutes
Servings Prep Time
24 Cupcakes 30 Minutes
Cook Time
15-20 Minutes
  1. In a large bowl, mix your cake mix with your eggs, oil and water as directed on the box.
  2. Once your batter is mixed fill your cupcake liners a little over halfway full and bake according to package directions.
  3. Let your cupcakes cool, fill a decorating bag with your cherry frosting and cut a small tip off the end of the bag.
  4. Frost your cupcakes with your decorating bag.
  5. Press your candy hearts onto the frosted cupcakes starting at the outside and working your way in.
Recipe Notes

I love making these cupcake treats with my kids!  They are easy to decorate and the kids have a blast.

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20 Sweet Easter Desserts

easter dessert photo

Don’t you just love all of the sweet treats that come along with the holidays?  If you are looking for some new dessert recipes to try out this Easter, look no further than this awesome list of 20 Sweet Easter Desserts!

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Easter Eggs
  2. Easter Cookie Pops
  3. Spring Butterfly Cupcakes Recipe
  4. Carrot Cake Pops
  5. Jellybean Fudge
  6. Easter Candy Macadamia Bark Recipe
  7. Easter Rice Krispies Treat Cookies
  8. No-Bake Easter Nests
  9. Easter Gooey Butter
  10. Easter Candy Cupcakes
  11. Bird Nest Dirt Cake Cups
  12. DIY Candy Buttons
  13. Easy Coconut Macaroon Birds Nest Cookies
  14. Carrot Patch Brownie Bowls
  15. Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs
  16. Springtime Filled Cake Cookies Recipe
  17. Cookie Butter Eggs
  18. Milano Cookie Easter Eggs
  19. Homemade Cadbury Eggs
  20. Easter Krispie Bars

15 Super Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts!


DIY Valentine's Gifts

What kind of gifts are you planning to give out for Valentine’s Day this year?  I am always a sucker for homemade gifts and I know that I’m not the only one!  Check out this awesome list of 15 Super Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts!

  1. Orange spice potpourri
  2. Coffee bath scrub
  3. Marbled mugs
  4. Heart scribble mug
  5. Bird feeders
  6. Wood photo signs
  7. Hair ties
  8. Goat Milk soap
  9. Fingerprint heart keychain
  10. Pyrography spoons
  11. Rosemary infused olive oil
  12. Bath bombs
  13. Whipped body butter
  14. Magnets
  15. Lemon sugar scrub

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The Best Christmas Light Displays in Oregon


Do you ever visit Christmas light displays in Oregon?  I have lived here almost all of my life and only recently have discovered the amazing Christmas light displays that this great state has to offer.   This was never an activity that we did as a family when I was growing up and my husband had a similar upbringing.  We want to do things a little differently for our children.  Each year we make it a point to travel to nearby light displays armed with hot cocoa in hand and Christmas music blaring in the car.

We live in the Willamette Valley and we tend to stick within an hour’s drive of where we live, but even in such a small area, we have found so many wonderful light displays.

Here are what we consider to be the best Christmas light displays in Oregon:

Pastega Christmas Light Display – For years this display was located at the Pepsi Co Building in Corvallis, but has recently moved to the Benton County Fairgrounds in Corvallis.  It features thousands of lights and 130+ plywood displays.

Zoo Lights – With over a million lights, Zoo Lights is easily Oregon’s most popular light display.  They also offer over 200 animated displays and a scavenger hunt.

Christmas in the Garden – The Oregon Garden in Silverton is beautifully decorated with over 400,000 lights.  You can ice skate with your family, take a picture with Santa, warm up by the fire pits or enjoy hot cocoa while you walk through the garden.

The Lighted Boat Parade – This event in Newport is a unique play on a Christmas Light Displays.  The bay is filled with brightly lit and decorated boats.

Portland International Raceway Winter Wonderland – During the holiday season, PIR is transformed into the largest light display in the Northwest.  This drive through display features over 250 displays placed along the 2 mile raceway.

Starfest Holiday Light Celebration – This event at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon is a mile long light display that features animated displays that you can walk through, view from your car or you can ride a horse-drawn carriage.

Peacock Lane –  This neighborhood in Portland has been one of the most popular places to view Christmas lights since the 1920s.  A four block stretch of this SE Portland street is full of Tudor English style houses that are decorated for the holiday.  If you prefer to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam, it is highly recommended that you either ride public transportation or you take carriage rides through the neighborhood.

Queen Anne Victorian Mansion – This famous mansion outside of Portland is decorated with over 2 million lights, which makes it the brightest house in the area which can be seen from miles away.  There are also 10 beautifully decorated trees and a gift shop with Christmas treats.  The entire 5500 sq foot mansion, including the inside rooms, is decorated.

If you are hoping to catch a great Christmas Tree lighting display, chances are, you can find one (or more) in every city.  There are though, some Tree Lighting Ceremonies that are more popular than others:

Pioneer Courthouse Square – This tree lighting ceremony with holiday singalong and more is the most popular tree lighting ceremony in Oregon.

Oregon State Capitol – This tree lighting ceremony is done in the capitol building and features music from a local high school choir.


Do you have any awesome Christmas light displays in Oregon that you recommend?  I didn’t really touch on any in the Southern Oregon area and would love to add some to my list!