Cute Bird Egg Bath Bombs

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We all love self-care gifts, don’t we? Or, am I alone in this? Seriously, I love opening gifts to find bath bombs, sugar scrubs and bath sets. It always makes me super happy. How about you?

Speaking of bath bombs, are you looking for a cute DIY Valentine’s Day or Easter gift that won’t break the bank? Bath bombs are that gift! Especially these cute, Bird Egg Bath Bombs. These work so great for gifts for any occasion, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Anniversaries…you name the day and I can almost guarantee that a bath bomb will make a great gift!

Homemade bath bombs are awesome and way better than store bought kind. You can make them any scent you want and you know exactly what is inside of them, so you don’t have to stress about any hidden ingredients.

As an added bonus, they are much easier to make than you may think!


1 pound baking soda

½ pound citric acid, fine grain

½ pound Epson salt, fine grain

.5 ounce kaolin clay

1 ounce Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA)

¼ to ½ teaspoon micas – in your preferred color


1 ounce sweet almond oil

1 ounce essential oil of choice (I used equal parts peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary for the birds nests and equal parts lavender and magnolia (this is a harder one to find) for the bunnies)

.5 ounce Poly 80 (for micas)

¼ to 1 ounce alcohol

Measure out the dry ingredients in a container except for the mica powders.  A plastic shoe box works well for this. 

Mix the ingredients well. 

Combine the essential oil, poly 80 and sweet almond oil in a glass container and stir to combine. If the scent seems too light, add a little bit more essential oil, but not a lot because essential oils do contain medicinal properties and you can overdo it. 

Pour the scented mixture into the dry ingredients, a little at a time and mix well with a spoon or a gloved hand.

Add the alcohol to the mixture ¼ ounce at a time.

Mix well after each addition, again using a spoon or gloved hand.

Continue adding the alcohol 1/4 ounce at a time until the mixture looks like wet sand. Normally one ounce is plenty, but if the mixture is still too dry, add a little more alcohol.

Once the mixture looks like wet sand, pick up a handful of the mixture and squeeze it together to make a ball shape. If it does not hold together, there is not enough moisture in the mix.

If the ball holds together, hold the ball above six inches above the bottom of the bowl and drop the bath bomb ball into the bowl. If it stays together, the mixture is ready to press into the molds and if not, add a little bit more alcohol until the mixture holds together.

Remove approximately 1/4 of the mixture and put it in a second container. 

Measure the blue mica powder and add it to the new container. 

Stir or use a gloved hand to combine the mica powder with the mixture. 

Now add the green mica powder to the container with the larger amount of bath bomb mixture in it.

Stir or use a gloved hand to combine the mica powder with the mixture. 

When both mixtures are ready, place a small amount of the blue mixture into the bottom of the mold.  This mold set works awesome!

Finish filling the mold with the green bath bomb mixture.

Make sure to use enough bath bomb mixture to fill the mold, but do not overfill it*.

Now fill the other side of the mold with the green bath bomb mixture. 

Be sure to add a little extra to the center of the mold so when you press the mold together both sides will adhere to one another.

Allow the bath bombs to dry overnight in the mold, then remove one side of the mold so air can circulate around the bath bomb. 

Leave the other side of the bath bomb in the mold. It is ok to remove it just for a moment and then put it back if you are worried about the bath bomb not releasing from the mold.

Set the mold containing the bath bomb aside and let it dry for two to three days, then remove it from the mold.

Your bath bomb is now ready to use or if you are not ready to use it, wrap it in plastic wrap and store it away from moisture and sunlight.

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