Diet Friendly Dish: Indoor Grilled Veggies`


I have mentioned before that we are working hard to keep our diet healthy.  We add vegetables to every meal (yep..even breakfast), but that can get old when they are always cooked the same way.  Today we decided to grill our veggies using our trusty George Foreman Grill and they turned out delicious!

Here are the veggies I used for dinner tonight:

  • Sweet Yellow Onion
  • Mini Bell Peppers (Orange, Yellow and Red) sliced in half lengthwise


While preheating the grill, brush the veggies with olive oil and sprinkle plain ol’ ground black pepper on them.

Place veggies onto grill once it is preheated and grill for 6-9 minutes.  That’s it, you now have delicious grilled veggies that are tender, healthy and an awesome side dish.


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