Nitro Circus: A Wildly Fun Family Night

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(We had a great view of the show, but our seats were being a baseball net and pictures were not easy to get)

So I told you all a while back about Nitro Circus coming to our neck of the woods, well we went and boy oh boy did we love it!  We went to the show in Bend, Oregon which was held in the Vince Genna Stadium (home of the Bend Elks).

I have to be honest with you, I fully intended to go to this show for my children’s benefit only.  I figured they would have a great time watching the motorcycle tricks and that would be that.  Boy was I wrong!  I had just as much of a good time as the kids did and I would go back again in an instant!

First of all, we were lucky enough to land at a show that Travis Pastrana was at!! According to others who have seen the show and Travis himself, he doesn’t make it to many of them, so this was awesome.  Maybe it’s because I remember watching Travis ride on TV when he was just a teenager and being so impressed by that, but him being there just made the night that much more exciting.

There were so many tricks done by motocross racers, BMX bikers, and skateboarders that it was non-stop action. I was even mentioning to a friend last night that I even loved the crowd there.  It was a mixture of fun-loving adults and excited little kids.   In fact, the only thing I didn’t love about the night was that the Vince Genna Stadium has very little parking and we had to walk probably a half-mile to get there, but even that wasn’t so bad.

In this stock photo, it shows what was, in my opinion, the best part of the show.  All 20 of the athletes were in the air and upside down at the same time.  I have seen it on television before, but it was heart racing excitement to see in person.

I will end my review with this.  I WILL definitely be buying tickets the next time Nitro Circus comes to town.


We received these tickets in exchange for our honest review. 

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