Refreshing Blackberry Iced Tea

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Have you ever had blackberry iced tea? I love all kinds of tea, but this one is definitely one of my favorites! I am excited to share with you!

Refreshing, Low-Calorie Blackberry Iced Tea 


First and foremost, I wanted to say that this has been my most-viewed post ever!! Thank you to everyone for visiting my lil old blog! 🙂

Spring will soon arrive, which means Summer will be arriving before long! Or, maybe it’s just that I am tired of the grey skies and cold days and I am just sitting here dreaming of summertime.  And because I am so desperate for Summer these days, I feel like anytime is the perfect time to get started on your sweet tea drinking.  If you want to add a new, fruity version of sweet tea to your repertoire, check out our favorite tea recipe!

Do you want to cool down with a refreshing, low-calorie summertime drink?


We live on about an acre and every year in late summer we end up with an overabundance of blackberries on our property.  I have a love/hate relationship with these blackberries as I hate those thorns and wow do they like to grow, however, they are so yummy!  They actually act as the border for one side of our property. We trim them back often, but during mid-summer right when they are blooming they look beautiful with all of the white flowers.  Anyway….back to the overabundance topic. I am always looking for ways to use them up.


My kids and I go out and pick them in the mornings before it gets too hot during the summer days.  We eat lots of them of course, but we also freeze lots of them for later use in smoothies and milkshakes as well, but right when we pull them off the vines we make our family-famous blackberry iced tea! Here is what I do to make this delicious and refreshing beverage:

  • First, combine 2 cups of fresh blackberries and 3/4 cup Sugar.  Combine together and either mash or puree in a food processor.  We prefer to taste the fruit pieces in our drink so I simply mash ours with our fruit masher.
  • Mix with 1 gallon of unsweetened Ice Tea (I used Lipton Tea this time, but I also really like it with the Lipton Green Tea)
  • Serve over ice, garnish if desired and enjoy! 


When I made these, I used Tall Glass Beer Steins, but I have since switched to this awesome Mason Jar Set!  It is so cute for serving tea to guests! There is just something about Iced Tea in a mason jar that makes me smile and think about my time visiting family in the South. 🙂  We have this tea on hand often during the Summer months, but I ALWAYS serve either this or this Strawberry Iced Tea during our Summertime BBQs and it’s always a hit!  (If you need some tips on throwing an awesome BBQ, check out this post).

We just had a new home put on our property and I plan on having lots more summer BBQ’s since I am so excited to show it off.  I’m thinking about getting these sweet Beverage Twin Dispenser with Ice Bucket Base for serving this tea. 

I also like to enjoy it on the road and when I do, I always use my Hydroflask.  (If you haven’t tried Hydroflask yet, you are missing out!  Cold drinks for hours and hours and sometimes even days)


refreshing blackberry iced tea from foothills mama


Even my husband loves this blackberry iced tea and he is not a tea drinker!

*45 calories per 8 ounce serving.


For full transparency, I don’t like super sweet drinks, so you may think this needs more sugar.  I love this as is though because it’s sweet and fruity and simply tastes like summertime.  I am really working on my health and fitness right now too so this is perfect for enjoying a delightful beverage without a bunch of empty calories.  I have spent a lot of time in the south though and I know how people love their sweet iced tea.  So, feel free to add as much sugar as you wish! It’s all about personal taste! 🙂




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  1. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try! Do you use the Lipton cold brew? That’s what I buy and use. There bigger bags. I think 5 bags would be good for a gallon,but it goes according to your own taste

    • Diana says:

      Opps. Accidentally hit send and wasn’t finished… According to taste. I like my tea just a little bit stronger then some

    • admin says:

      I did use the Lipton cold brew and it was perfect. If you like it stronger, you may want to add a tea bag or two. 🙂 I kept mine a little on the light side for the non-tea drinkers in my family.

  2. Tammy says:

    So you don’t strain out the seeds? I think I would have to try that if I really wanted to enjoy it. It’s on my to do list. Yum!

    • admin says:

      I don’t, but I know that many people prefer them strained. I like the fruit pieces in it. It’s really yummy either way. 🙂

  3. Kimberly Ann says:

    Warmer weather has finally sprung and I am now stalking my blackberry vines ! I’m in love with the greentea blackberry iced tea idea! oh, fruity iced tea here I come! shhhh, i may add a splash of adult liquor to enjoy as well! So excited to try this!! Hopping over to check out the link I saw to your strawberry iced tea too! I’m watering at the mouth already! Thx Mama 🙂

    • admin says:

      Oh, adult liquor has definitely been added to mine a time or two 😉 and Yay! for warm weather! I’m so ready for warm weather, flip flops and fresh grown fruit! 🙂

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