DIY All Natural Relaxing, Lavendar Massage Oil

We are a very active family and we occasionally have some sore muscles. Okay, that was a lie…it is definitely more than occasionally.

Our big kids are both very active in sports and often have sore muscles.  Plus, as we get older we find that we get sore muscles from the simplest of things.   I am always happy to try and help my family feel better so I was always willing to try and massage out the muscle pain. I’m not big on lotions and oils though because they have countless ingredients that I cannot even pronounce.  I was looking for a good alternative, when I thought why not make my own homemade massage oil?  Because it’s what I had on hand, I decided to use coconut oil and Lavender essential oils to create an oil/paste to use for those sore muscles.  I

My husband had a muscle injury last year that I like to massage for him so I figured who better to check out the new massage oil on.  The verdict?  It’s a hit.  Because it is oil based, it helps make it easier to massage.  Plus, it is all organic so I don’t have to worry about the chemicals that are seeping into our bodies.   Lavender is known for its relaxation qualities so we used that to help relax the muscles and ourselves (I find it useful for sleep).

Here’s how I created this All Natural Massage Oil:

I mix them together into a paste and that’s it.  It’s time to massage.


I have also decided that I’m going to be creating this for gifts for this year’s holiday season, so I just ordered these containers to put them in.



While it does depend on personal experience, I always end up with 2-3 uses with this amount.