20 Boozy, Fruity Drinks to Cool You Off This Summer

I don’t drink often, but when I do I like for my drinks to taste amazing and be fun! I’m celiac so beer is off limits, as is many wines (oftentimes the cork is sealed with a gluten paste or the wines are stored in barrels that are sealed with that same paste). I prefer to make my own drinks so that I am sure to not get any gluten in my drinks whatsoever.

That’s why I love these boozy fruity drinks! They are all delicious and just perfect for cooling down in the summer. We really enjoy throwing a good backyard BBQ which often means making drinks for the grown ups and every single one of the drinks below looks like they will be a hit!

20 Boozy, Fruity Drinks

What is your favorite boozy, fruity drink?This Pineapple Mojito from Mom Foodie looks great and surprisingly simple to make. Full disclosure though, I’ve never had a mojito, so this will be a new one on my list for this year!

Strawberry Daquiris are my jam! They have been my favorite drink since I turned 21, so I am not going to turn down the chance to try out this new recipe!

I mean, with a name like Malibu Bay Breeze, who wouldn’t want to give this drink a shot? I think it looks delish!

If you like rum, this Pineapple Cherry Rum Punch Cocktail will hit the spot for you. I’m not a big cherry fan, but my hubby is so I will definitely make this one for him. h

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t love a Strawberry Margarita. Do you?

My first experience with Sangria was waiting at Olive Garden for our table so we sat in the bar and tried it out for the first time. So good! I’m definitely going to try this one this summer. h

Pineapple may just be the official fruit of summer so this Pineapple Vodka drink will come in handy!

I’m not entirely sure, but I may not have ever had a watermelon drink. Now time like the present to try the Best Watermelon Cocktail, right?h

I love the look of coconut, I love the smell of coconut.  I do not like the taste of coconut. That being said, this Pina Colada looks pretty tasty.  Should I give it a shot?

I’m seeing a ton of Mojito recipes!  I know you all know how much I love my blackberry drinks though (remember this blackberry iced tea recipe?).  I’m definitely doing to give this Blackberry Mojito a try.h

Oh my goodness, who doesn’t love a good Mimosa? This Lime Prosecco Mimosa definitely looks like a good one!

Something about watermelon is just so refreshing!  I’m ready to give this Watermelon Cooler a try.

Ohhh another Sangria recipe! This time it is White Orange, YUM!

We all love a good, fizzy drink, don’t we? This Blueberry Lemon Vodka Fizz looks super tasty!

Peach is my all time favorite fruity flavor!  These Peach Margaritas look AMAZING!

Yes! Another yummy peach drink! This Sparkling Peachade Vodka Drink looks like it will be perfect for those hot summer days. h

This Blue Lagoon Cocktail will fit right in at your pool party!

This Mai Tai Cocktail because sometimes you just need to feel like you are on the beach.  Am I right?

Another tropical themed drink, this Carribean Sunset will make you want to head off to a tropical island!  I’m already packed!

Do you like lemonade?  This Wild Berry Lemonade looks quite refreshing!

Do you have any amazing boozy fruity drink recipes that you want to share? I would love some more ideas!